Register Housing Association

Housing Associations can register by filling up the Registration Form.  Its a two Step Form and step 2 will allow you to create Admin log in credentials. You would require these log in details to later Register your properties Room Numbers and staff to perform operations. Hence this will ultimately allow to check in Tenants into system and management of their day to day life.


Register Managing Agent

Housing Associations can register their prospective Managing agent by Just filling up one Registration form. The registration process allows to create log in credentials to be provided to managing Agents. Using these  Log in credentials Managing Agents can Add their Properties, room Numbers, Register Support Workers and authenticate them to perform Sign Up tenants, Check in tenants and Support Sessions on tenants hence report maintenance issue alongside on day to day basis.

Register Support Worker and Area Manager

Housing Associations can register their Support Workers ans Area Managers by Just filling up one Registration form. The registration process allows to create log in credentials to be provided to Staff. Using these  Log in credentials support Workers & Area mangers can log in Perform support notes, List & Manage maintenance, Property compliance documentation.

Tenant Transfer

Tenants can be easily Transferred between Rooms with same property or across the whole portfolio and record managed and updated automatically. Support Workers are authorized to Transfer between their Authorized Properties and Hence Area managers can do with in their Jurisdiction. however housing Association and r Managing Agent Admin can control and manage with the whole portfolio.


Landlords can also Register themselves as Managing Agent and manage their properties direct with Housing Association or Council. During Registration  they can register relevant boroughs as Housing Associations and themselves as agents and manage their properties under individual Tag or each borough they provide their housing services to.

Analytical reports

View Analytical Reports By Tenants Age Group, Housing Benetit Type and Gender group based on Housing Association and managing Agents as well as individual Properties.


Occupancy Table and Occupancy Chart


occupancy table display total number of rooms, Vacant Rooms ans Occupied Number of Rooms where as Occupancy Chart View Maintain Daily Record of Occupancy Table for analysis and forcasting,